Check out our updated website

Our website has been updated with a new look. It has some integrations with our other digital properties. Please share with your friends and family. Website:

Some features you may find interesting on our new website

Home Page:

  • Worship schedules
  • Google Calendar of upcoming activities (this will be the latest updated source of dates and times)
  • Highlights of upcoming events and a link to our weekly announcements (in case you are not able to make it to a Sunday service or misplaced your Sunday bulletin).

Worship Page:

  • Start your day with a daily Bible verse for the day
  • Wondered what is the current or upcoming Feast day and the background story?

About Page:

  • Read about our wonderful windows
  • Read about our history

Resources Page

  • Want to learn more about the Episcopal Church?
  • Want to learn about Episcopal Vocabulary?
  • Want to learn how to pronounce some of the harder words in the Bible?


  • See pictures from Incarnation

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